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My blog posts have been featured on other wonderful sites such as The Mighty and Patient Worthy. The content is always edited and slightly different, so even if you’ve read them on my site, check them out below!

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When I Feel Like an Imposter as Someone With a Rare Chronic Illness – The Mighty

I was passed around to over 10 specialists before finally being given my diagnosis, 21 years after the onset of symptoms. Twenty-one years of being told it was in my head, being made out to be a faker and being sick is enough to convince even yourself that you’re faking it.

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Living Abroad with CVID – Patient Worthy

I studied literature and languages in my undergraduate career, hoping that I would have the opportunity to live abroad and travel the world. How could I live abroad now?

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Being Diagnosed in your Twenties: Thoughts and Advice from a 20-Something with CVID – Patient Worthy

Diagnosis at any age has its own distinct challenges, but perhaps selfishly, we imagine that diagnosis in your 20s is particularly difficult and here’s why.