About peanutharvester


Jennifer is a Historian, Linguist, Researcher, and Translator living in London, UK. Originally from the United States, she moved to Ireland in 2017 to pursue her Masters and to the UK in 2019 to pursue her PhD. Living in Europe has afforded her the opportunity to travel widely and share her love of languages. In addition, she has had the great pleasure of visiting many of the famous European opera houses to see some spectacular performances.

Jennifer’s love of traveling includes shopping for high-quality vintage finds and vintage-inspired pieces. She has a weakness for bright colors, long hemlines, and beautiful buttons. Her unique style gives her the confidence to be her best self everyday.

Outside of her academic career, Jennifer is an outspoken patient advocate. Being diagnosed with a rare genetic disease in 2016, she began a journey of grief recovery and self discovery. She hopes that sharing her experiences can help others to cope with their illnesses and create a community that leaves no patient behind. She is a regular contributor to Patient Worthy and The Mighty and participates in patient organizations and advocacy groups.

In her leisure time, Jennifer surfs, reads, writes, hikes, horseback rides, protests, and spends time with her friends and family.